First visit

To ensure that we have all the right information at your first visit, please bring the following documents to your initial appointment:


  • GP referral
  • Any recent blood test results
  • Recent ultrasound report
  • Please see your GP if a pap smear is required
  • Completed registration form (see downloadable PDF at bottom of this page)


  • Semen analysis
  • Relevant blood test result

Patient registration form

Please download and complete the below PDF and bring with you to your initial appointment.

Patient registration form PDF

Please note – You are not required to undertake any specific testing prior to your initial appointment.

Contact Dr Nicole Hope
IVF & Fertility Care, Melbourne

8 am–5 pm

except public holidays

03 9890 1811
Dr Nicole Hope consults at
the following locations:
Box Hill
Suite 17
28–32 Arnold Street
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Latrobe Medical Centre
920 Plenty Rd
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Newlife IVF
245 Clayton Road
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